Thai oil massage

It has been over 2500 years that the King Magadi's doctor, also friend of Buddha, created this massage based on the essence of yoga, for the benefit of the monks.

The Thai oil massage is a full body massage
It follows the same energy-related ways of the traditional Thai massage. With softness and a gentle touch on the muscle surface, this Thai oil massage acts on the energy pathways called Sen. The Sens cover the whole body by allowing the flow of the vital life force. Lying on your stomach, the back, arms, legs and feet are massaged. This is followed by lying on your back, the head, arms, abdomen, legs and feet are massaged. The body is always covered with a cloth and only the targeted areas are uncovered for the purpose of the massage.

The effect of this mssage is a very deep relaxation. It stimulates endorphin hormones which promote well-being. It appeases the mind and reinforces vitality.

Practical Information :
The massage lasts 1:45 to 2 hours
Possibility to do the massage in the comfort of your home.
Call : 0475-347-706

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