Shiatsu Massage

In Japanese, Shiatsu means pressure from the thumbs. It's a massage (treatment) having roots in China, namely with acupuncture.

This technique was used by the Japanese Samourais since the middle ages as a way to survive the harsh living conditions.

The Shistu session consists in acupressure (pressure with the hands and the thumbs) to rebalance th energies in the body. Shiatsu stimulates or calms the energy flow by applying pressure over clothes (cotton and soft for better contact) on the acupuncture points for the whole body : the back, the shoulders, the neck, the head, the abdomen,  the arms, the hands, the legs and the feet. The massage is done on a futon (japanese mattress) placed on the floor.

A deep relaxation, rebalanced body and mind, more flexible muscles

Release of tensions and stress

Practical Information:
Session lasts 1 hour, possibility to have the session in the comfort of your home.
Call:  0475-347-706

The Amma massage is inspired by Shiatsu. It is done on an ergonomic chair and focuses on the most contracted parts of the body: the neck, the shoulders, the back, the arms and the hands as well as the head. The Amma massage woks on energetic points and releases muscular blocks due to the accumulation of tensions in the body. This treatment not only reduces muscular tensions but it also helps regain energy, a more centered mind (less dispersed) as well as general relaxation.

Practical Information:
The massage lasts 15 to 20 minutes
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