The science of mind originates from Buddhism, mindfullness methodology is based on Vipassa and Zazen meditation. One of the founders of the mindfullness meditation is Jon Kabat-Zin. He created the Stress Reduction Clinic and teaches mindfullness meditation. In order to help each one of us to overcome stress, anxiety and other related pains, he has dedicated his life to this methodology and found ways to integrate it in the medical world as well as in soceity at large.

What is mindfullness meditation ?
It is bringing our awareness to the present moment, again and again without judgment and with benevolence. We bring our attention to the experience itself, whether coming from the body or the mind. Our attitude is benign and open.

A series of exercises are covered to practice the technique
This methodology enhances our ability to face stress, anxiety and to progress with more calmness and freedom. It also makes us more aware of what is happening within us, in order to make more conscious choices.

Practical information :
Session lasts between 1 to 1.5 hrs
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