Recharge your batteries with Laurent Ingber in Wezembeek-Oppem

When you’re under the impression that life has gotten incontrollable, it’s time for action. These days, we’re often subject to a stressful way of life, full of high expectations. There’s no time left to show interest in oneself. We’ve got a thousand other things to do: take care of the kids, work, friends, the household…

Enough is enough!
But when does too much really get too much? When do you really lose control over yourself? It’s essential to take five, once in a while, to ponder about life. To put things back into perspective, far away from the rat race or professional and social obligations.

Multiple solutions
My name is Laurent Ingber, and I can help you. I’ve taken different courses that enable you to put the focus back onto your own life.

  • Massage training in Watpo, Thailand
  • Caycedian Sophrology (instructor)
  • Kundalni Yoga
  • Meditation in Vipassana for over 15 years

To conquer our daily problems, it’s key to develop mental and fysical strength. There are multiple ways to get the upper hand on stress and anxiety:

  • relaxing massage: free your body of all stress and really relax. Enjoy a magnificent energy by doing so
  • mental relaxation: let go of your problems, it’s essential
  • yoga: this relaxation technique exists out of different cycles. Raise your awareness and open your spirit.
  • sophrology: find your inner peace again
  • mindfulness: regain emotional stability through mediational techniques


The advantages of these methods are known for over thousands of years. These are ancient methods, with great influence on the human psyche:

  • physical and mental relaxation
  • better control of emotions and stress
  • reinforcement of the ability to concentrate

If you want to control the problems in daily life, or if you seek more information on these techniques, don’t hesitate to contact me through the contact page.

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